Thank you for choosing us as your FFL dealer!

Please read the following policy. PLEASE DO NOT CALL the store regarding transfers. This written policy will provide all necessary information.

We are happy to accept transfers from all FFLs and welcome transfers between individuals for private sales. If there is a firearm you are interested in purchasing from an online dealer, please consider reaching out to us first to see if we can offer you the firearm. We are a locally owned family operated gun shop known for competitive prices. We have seen many examples of transfers purchased over the internet in which the purchaser could have saved money buying the gun from us! Support your local gun shop!

If you choose to transfer a gun to us, please follow the steps below:

  1. Provide us with email confirmation of your purchase AND THE EMAIL ADDRESS FOR THE FFL SHIPPING THE FIREARM, at We will reach out to the FFL to coordinate paperwork and respond to your email to confirm receipt of the email.
  2. Tracking information for your order will be provided by the company you purchased the firearm from. We do not receive or provide the tracking information or notification of arrival at this business. DO NOT CALL the store regarding transfers.
  3. Once the firearm has arrived, please give us one business day to process the shipment. You may pick up the firearm anytime between 11am-3pm the day after arrival of the firearm to New American Arms. Same day pick-up is not available.
  4. On the day of pickup, please bring your valid state ID (with proof of residence if your ID does not have your current address) and cash (ONLY) for your transfer fee. We do not accept credit card or debit cards for transfers.

Transfer fees: to be paid in cash only.

**this fee discount only applies when the firearms are all run under the same background check

*Unusual or high value firearms may incur additional fees.

The NICS fee is paid directly to the Virginia State Police for processing the background check. It is $2 for Virginia residents and $5 for out-of-state residents.

Firearms received for transfer and not picked up within 30 days may be subject to a storage fee of $20 per month. Firearms not picked up within 6 months from date of arrival will be considered abandoned and will be sold to recover applicable fees.

Transfers received without complete supporting documentation or with inappropriate packaging are subject to an additional handling fee of $25.

Private transfers:

Person to person transfers are available Monday-Saturday 11am-3pm. No appointment is necessary. The fee for a transferor is $15. The fee for the Transferee is $28 + the NICS fee ($2 for Virginia residents and $5 for out-of-state residents). This fee may only be paid in cash for both parties.

Please email us with notification of transfers. Please DO NOT CALL the store regarding transfers. If you have questions, please stop by or send us an email.